September 18, 2015

Becca Afterglow Palette Holiday 2015

Something I love to do when I see holiday collections, or products, is break down the true value. Today I saw a few sneak peeks of a gorgeous BECCA palette for this year and had to see if it is actually worth it. It will be online at Becca and Ulta, and in-store at Ulta. And retail price appears to be $39.50.
Credits: @trendmood1 on instagram for edit, original pics @ savvylesupreme
Let's break it down...
  • Three Highlighters (Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed)
    • Moonstone
    • Rose Gold
    • Topaz
  • Two Mineral Blushes
    • Wild Honey
    • Flowerchild
  • Product in Highlights
    • 1.4 g / .05 oz X 3 
    • Each is ~18% of full size
    • $6.76 individual 
    • $20.36 total value
  • Product in Blushes
    • 1.6 g / .056 oz X 2
    • Each is 28% of full size
    • $8.96 individual
    • $17.92 total
Math and product amount aside it's a $38.28 actual value. That falls close to the retail price, only $1.22 less. This product is a much better value than the Hourglass, so don't feel ripped off if you're planning on purchasing this one :) I think for the convenience, and fact it would take forever to use up a full size it is worth it! I will be trying to get my hands on this for sure. Also, all products included are PERMANENT to the line, so swatches are online individually.