September 26, 2015

Too Faced Le Grand Chateau | Review, Swatches, & Demo | YouTube video

After making a blog post sneak peak with true value, and one with review and swatches...someone requested a video version. In this video I did the equivalent of my review post, with live swatches, and even included a quick demo of the products. 
*Please excuse my slightly sore throat, and slightly chipping nails*

September 23, 2015

Photo Flawless Makeup | Picture Day | YouTube video

Take inspo from this or recreate the whole thing; it is perfect for day to day or special occasions. It is natural but perfecting. No flashback, flawless, foundation. Matte and transfer-proof lips. Big, innocent eyes.

Products Mentioned (with blog links):

Smashbox Pore Minimizing Primer
MakeupForever Ultra Hd Foundation (Y205)
Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer (Fair Neutral)
~Dupe Post:
Covergirl the Supersizer Mascara
Milani Liquid Eyepencil (Black)
Colourpop Bound Lippie Pencil

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September 22, 2015

Too Faced Le Grand Chateau | Swatches + First Impressions | Holiday 2015

Just received this S T U N N I N G Too Faced holiday set in the mail, it took a little over a week to arrive. I purchased mine from the Too Faced website for $49. I did a little sneak peek here, with promo images and calculated true value of palette. 
Le Grand Chateau
product details
Product description / claims
Dollhouse box
Securely packaged
Insanely gorgeous detailing all around
Could be separated as gifts
Paris in Love
Paris in Love
Paris in Love
L - > R: Tout Suite, Chérie, Moi, Je t'aime, Fleur, Amour
Tout Suite (right now/immediately): Smooth shimmery chocolate brown
Chérie (darling): Shimmery Taupe Grey
Moi (me): Everyday shimmery brown
Je t'aime (I like/love you): Shimmery slightly sheer pink, hint of purple
Fleur (flower): Shimmery iridescent peach
Amour (love): Matte cream
Paris au Naturale
Paris as Naturale
L -> R: Oui, Merci, Bonjour, Le Femme, Fifi, Pot du Crème
Oui (yes): Matte black with gold sparkle
Merci (thank you): Shimmery bronze
Bonjour (hello): Shimmery semi-sheer warm gold
Le Femme (the woman): Matte dark slightly warm brown
Fifi: Matte slightly warm brown
Pot du Crème (French custard): Matte pale yellow cream
Paris After Dark 
Paris After Dark
L -> R: Noire, Tres Chic, Parfait, Provence, Rendezvous, Le Marais
Noire (black): Matte slightly dry black
Très Chic (very chic): Matte black with purple/silver sparkles
Parfait (perfect): Buttery shimmery peachy champagne
Provence (geographical area known for lavender): slightly sheer mid tone shimmery purple
Rendezvous (meeting/date): slightly mauve cool matte brown
Le Marais (district of Paris): duo chrome shimmery white pearl pink
L -> R: Très Fab, Mademoiselle, Jolie
Très Fab (Very Fab): sheer cool pink blush
Mademoiselle (miss): Semi sheer peach blush
Jolie (pretty): Shimmery warm bronzer

This is a very long review and swatches, but this is an excellent holiday set to pick up! The value is there, the quality (some shades are slightly sheer or dry), and the variety is very wearable. If you love France, cute packing, or just neeed this! If you can't afford it for yourself, but it and split it among your friends :)

September 21, 2015

Too Faced Le Grand Chateau True Value| Holiday 2015

So I've already ordered this set from, because of the sheer cuteness of it! I am obsessed with Paris, and France in well as makeup (duh!). So this year's holiday collection is perfect for me. This is a set that has three palettes complete in a dollhouse like enclosure. It retails for $49.
Too Faced Christmas in Paris for Holiday 2015
Too Faced Christmas in Paris for Holiday 2015
Too Faced Christmas in Paris for Holiday 2015Too Faced Christmas in Paris for Holiday 2015
  • Besides the palettes there is a mini Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
  • The Three Palettes have separate names
    • Paris in Love
    • Paris After Dark
    • Paris Au Naturale
  • In total there are 18 eyeshadows
    • 1.14 g/ 0.04 oz ea
    • 20.52 g / .72 oz total 
    • ~$66.46 value compared to per ounce value of most too faced shadow palettes
  • 2 blushes
    • 5.39 g / .19 oz ea
    • 10.78 g / .38 oz total
    • 90% of a love flush blush in each
    • $23.52 value ea
    • $47.05 total value compared to current too faced single blush
  • 1 bronzer
    • 5.39 g / .19 oz 
    • 54% of standard too faced bronzer
    • $16.29 value
  • 1 mini better than sex mascara
    • 4.8 g / .17 oz 
    • 63 % of full size
    • $14.48 value
Great value! Total value is $144.28 compared to the $49 retail that includes the super cute packaging! My review with swatches, and video<3

September 20, 2015

At First Blush Deluxe Amazonian Clay Blush Set | Holiday 2015

Tarte blushes are one of my loves, the formula is consistent in every I have tried. With that said, I assume the quality is just as great on this year's set of mini blushes. On the becca holiday palette, I broke down the true value; and I am going to do that with this one today as well. This set retails at $35, available on, and is not an exclusive.
Image credit:
  • Two have a design on packaging
  • Shades Included:
    • Ecstatic (nude melon)
    • Epic (poppy pink)
    • Embellish (plum rose)
    • Entertain (rosy pink)
  • Product amount
    • 0.05 oz each
    • 1/4 of full size
    • $7 individual value
    • $28 full value
      • Not claimed $60 value!
At first, I wanted to buy this set...but the value really isn't there. The color variety is right up my alley, but with that said they are similar shades. If you're thinking about this set wait for a coupon code to come out, don't buy it right away since the price is requiring another mini blush to be up to retail cost!

Makeup Geek Bitten Eyeshadow: Review + Swatch

This is one of the most popular Makeup Geek shadows they make, it retails for only $5.99 like all their other shadows. Currently only online, but they are doing retail locations in the future.

  • "Matte Deep Maroon Red"
  • Not as intense as it is in the pan
  • Blends really smoothly and evenly
  • True matte maroon
  • Can be a great lid shade, transition, blending shadow, or even lower lashline
  • Could be used as a darker blush if used lightly
  • Stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial using this shadow ;)
I was intimidated when I first got this shadow in the mail, but the hype is real. Everyone says it is a must have, and it really is! Don't be like me and wait forever to buy this shadow, if you don't own any shadows like this--go ahead and order it!

September 19, 2015

Easy Brown Smokey Eye + Strobing | Full Face Makeup Tutorial | YouTube video

Smokey eyes don't have to be difficult, today I'm showing you my easy smokey eye paired with very glowy skin, and full glossy lips. So far this is one of my favorite tutorials I've done, I hope you like it as well <3

Products Used (with blog review links):

Mac Strobe Liquid Lotion (Cream)
Maybelline Master Conceal (Fair)
L'oreal True Match Lumi Foundation (W1-2)
MakeupForever Ultra Hd Foundation (Y205)
Nyx Cream Blush (Natural)
Benefit Watt's Up Cream Highlighter
Colourpop Lunch Money Highlighter
Sonia Kashuk Brightening Powder
Laura Mericer Translucent Powder
L'oreal True Match Powder Glow Illuminator (Rose)
Milani Stay Put Brow Color (02 Natural Taupe)
Nyx Control Freak Eyebrow Gel
Elf Smudge Pot (Crusin Chic)
L'oreal La Palette Nude One
Stila Smudge Stick Eyeliner (Stingray)
Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara
Maybelline Colossal Mascara
Liptiful Lip Plumper
Essence Satin Mauve Lip Liner
L'oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire (Rose Melody)

September 18, 2015

Becca Afterglow Palette Holiday 2015

Something I love to do when I see holiday collections, or products, is break down the true value. Today I saw a few sneak peeks of a gorgeous BECCA palette for this year and had to see if it is actually worth it. It will be online at Becca and Ulta, and in-store at Ulta. And retail price appears to be $39.50.
Credits: @trendmood1 on instagram for edit, original pics @ savvylesupreme
Let's break it down...
  • Three Highlighters (Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed)
    • Moonstone
    • Rose Gold
    • Topaz
  • Two Mineral Blushes
    • Wild Honey
    • Flowerchild
  • Product in Highlights
    • 1.4 g / .05 oz X 3 
    • Each is ~18% of full size
    • $6.76 individual 
    • $20.36 total value
  • Product in Blushes
    • 1.6 g / .056 oz X 2
    • Each is 28% of full size
    • $8.96 individual
    • $17.92 total
Math and product amount aside it's a $38.28 actual value. That falls close to the retail price, only $1.22 less. This product is a much better value than the Hourglass, so don't feel ripped off if you're planning on purchasing this one :) I think for the convenience, and fact it would take forever to use up a full size it is worth it! I will be trying to get my hands on this for sure. Also, all products included are PERMANENT to the line, so swatches are online individually.

September 17, 2015

Colourpop Ultra Mattes | Liquid Lipstick Lip Swatches | YouTube video

Everyday the past week I've been blogging about a different shade of the Colourpop ultra mattes...and now the video version is live! Here I swatch seven of the Colourpop ultra mattes (I bought one more since filming this video). This is my first lip swatch video, so I hope you enjoy :)

Shades Mentioned(with blog links):

Maybelline Master Conceal (Fair): Review + Swatch

I recently hauled this, and I my first impressions were not the best; However, like any good blogger I've been testing it out and trying to grasp my real thoughts. I've come to the conclusion it's worth the ~$8 depending on where you get it, and if it is on sale. 
I bought the shade fair
Squeeze tube
Can get only as much product as you want out
One dot, partially blended
  • If you're ghost pale like me: this is not a good facial concealer
    • Darker than skintone, and slightly more orange
  • Great for under the eyes!
    • Slight orange undertone helps correct
      • Apply before foundation to make it the more natural
  • Only use this on the face if the tone matches, and be sure to thoroughly blend
    • A little does go a long way
  • Very light liquid concealer
  • Make sure to set where you apply it
    • When I do, no problems with creasing
    • Not a super creasing concealer if you don't apply powder after (but please set it)
  • Pretty good coverage, especially under the eyes
    • Slightly too liquidy to cover areas on the face
      • Can blend in too much
    • If you have darker skin, this would be a nice highlighting concealer
I do like this concealer, not love but like. I've been reaching for it a lot when I actually think about my makeup, and remember to do this before foundation. If you use this after it can just appear a bit unnatural and orange on the skin's surface. The texture is medium-light, feels thick in one dot but blends nicely.

September 16, 2015

E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator

This lip scrub retails at only $3, but it is not my personal favorite. 
They try to make it look sleek since it is in the "Studio" Line. 
Remove dry chapped skin
Sugary sweet 
Smoothing sensation
Protect and Nourish 
Here is the packaging, basic rectangular black
And an up-close shot
  • Another post with my old background, going to try to post old ones from time to time
    • so I can move on to just modern backgrounds in the future
  • Harsh lip scrub
    • Claims to have a balm texture to make it gentle
      • At first it does, but then it wears away and you have to put lots of pressure on your lips and it's not sensitive
  • The actual granules are fine
  • Supposed to be less messy
    • You still end up with sugar particles on your lips
  • As for removing chapped have to apply too much force to do that
    • It's only good for maintaining already smooth lips
  • It is sugary sweet from the sugar particles
I prefer the lush lip scrub, this used to be my favorite before that one. This is only okay, it is not fabulous and it's a little too abrasive. It certainly is affordable, but that does not mean it is worth it. Your lips are just as sensitive as your under eyes, and you should be gentle with them :)

September 15, 2015

Colourpop Lychee Ultra Matte Lip: Review + Swatches

Who else loves a purple lip? I know I do. This is one of the purple Colourpop Ultra Mattes, retailing at only $6. Also a supposed dupe to Kat Von D Luv (Which I do not currently own). Available online at Colourop.
3.2 g / .11 oz
Doe-foot applicator
"Bright warm violet"

  • Teeny tiny bit patchy
    • Would be fixed by applying a thin layer of balm under
  • It is a bright not overly warm violet
    • Not warm enough to make teeth super yellow
  • Drying over time
  • Transfer proof
  • Long-wearing
Nice affordable purple liquid lipstick! This line also has a more pink purple, a true lavender, a dark more vampy purple, and currently a limited edition jewel toned purple. This is the most "classic" purple if there is such a thing. It's mid toned, not too light or too dark. 

September 14, 2015

Colourpop Avenue Ultra Matte Lip: Review + Swatches

Getting sick of these Colourpop Ultra Matte reviews yet? No? Scroll down the feed for others, click this months tab, and don't forget to stay tuned for more! These babies are $6, and available only on the Colourpop Website

3.2 g / .11 oz
Doe-foot applicator
"Deep Yellow Red"

  • This is definitely a deep red, but it is not overly yellow toned on me
    • Does not make teeth yellow, more like brighter
  • Only one of the ultra mattes to be slightly patchy on me
    • Wears the same time as all others, perhaps longer since darker
    • Does stain lips
  • Drying over time, feels like nothing on lips
  • Apply a lip balm, and prep lips
I love the color but need to be slightly more careful when applying to make sure it does not go on patchy. The time after I swatched it here, it was hardly patchy at all. The formula for the most part is the same as the others, and very very long lasting.