May 29, 2015

Colourpop Lady Lippie Stix: Review & Swatches

This time of year doesn't call out burgundy as much as fall does...but this color is breathtaking! Im talking about Colourpop Lady, retailing at only $5. 

 Standard white and holographic Colourpop packaging.
Lady is a "matte" finish.
Twist up, precise tip, that is so helpful especially for darker colors like this.
 "Cool toned dirty burgundy" 
Their descriptions are always on point.
Camera didn't entirely focus on the lips, but the color is accurate.

  • For a "matte finish", it is not shineless or drying
  • Gives a healthy juicy look to the lips that most darker colors take away
    • Doesn't make lips look smaller
  • Average wear time
    • I would recommend touching up after eating
    • Check in mirror to make the color is still full opacity
  • Doesn't bleed out of my lip lines, but if you have a problem with this they do have a matching lip liner
If you have been looking for a perfect burgundy, a staple year round--despite it's usual tendency to be worn in the cooler months. It claims to be matte, but I prefer this cream like finish. Feels comfortable, not drying, and lasts!

May 24, 2015

Colourpop Flux Super Shock Shadow: Review & Swatches

On Instagram(@budgetmakeupbeauty) the most comments on anything Colourpop have been about "that mint shadow" and immediately I know they mean Flux! This little beauty is $5 and only found on Colourpop's website
 Matte Finish

  • Can be worn multiple ways: lid, inner corner, blending shade for green look, etc.
    • My favorite way is on the lid too add an awake bright look
  • Needs to be built up a little, they were't kidding when they said it was a light shade
  • I do not detect any patchiness
  • Doesn't fade as much as I've noticed with some other shades, maybe because of matte finish
How often do you find affordable, not powdery matte mint greens? Exactly. If you've been looking for one for a while, here's your chance. Maybe you have one, but it needs to be built up? Try this on top, or as a base. Scared of the color? I admit I was a little unsure I would wear it; however, it is surprisingly wearable.

May 22, 2015

Colourpop Where the Light is X Kathleen Lights: Review & Swatches

Have you heard of Kathleen(lights)? She's a gorgeous accomplished youtuber, who I'm sure most if not all of you subscribe to. Earlier on she released a lip combo with Colourpop called Lumiere. Less than two months ago she collaborated again to bring us a neutral set of shadows called: where the light is. It retails for $20 and can only be found here.
The outer box is even stunning, and when the light hits it differently it glows.
The set comes with four individual shadows.
They can't put them in an actual quad because if not tightly closed the formula will dry out.
There are two mattes, and two shimmery shades.
Cornelious: "Mid-tone warm caramel" (Matte)
Glow: "Creamy Vanilla" (Matte)
Kathleenlights: "Bright Golden Copper" (Pearlized)
Blaze: "Coco Bronze Sprinkled with Multi-Dimensional Glitter" (Metallic)

L-R: Blaze, Kathleenlights, Glow, Cornelious
  • Blaze
    • Bronze with gold glitter, can appear slightly green in some lights
    • Best packed on with finger, or else some fallout with a brush
  • Kathleenlights 
    • Warm orange copper, no chunky glitter--only shimmer
    • Makes eye colors really stand out 
    • Does lose it's brightness throughout the day
  • Glow
    • Pale matte shade
    • Perfect all over the lid for setting primer, or browbone
  • Cornelious
    • Matte warm mid tone brown 
    • Slightly tricky to blend formula
    • Best use is on lower lashline, or blending together lid and crease colors 
      • If alone on crease it can take some difficulty blending 


This is a "yes" product. If you are in-between, I say yes! If you think you don't need it, these are what I like to call a gel formula; this means they can be worn alone, or topped for even more intensity. In general they wear well, no creasing, but some fading. Synthetic brushes or finger tips are best, and I've already hit pan on Glow :)

May 18, 2015

Back to Blogging & Makeup of the Day

Hey everyone! I've been neglecting my blog a ton lately, and I'm sorry. A few days ago was my birthday, and I've decided since to go back to doing what I used to love...blogging. Also my huge colourpop haul came in, and I tried quite a few new goodies today. 

This time of year I rarely do a "full face" of makeup. That means no foundation, and no heavy contouring. Today I did simple bronzey eyes, highlighted cheeks, and matte lips.

 Here are all the products I used.

Dermadoctor Ain't Misbehavin sunscreen
Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer (fair neutral)
e.l.f. High Definition Powder
Colourpop Highlighter (Stole the Show)

Urban Decay Primer Potion (Original)
Colourpop Kathleenlights foursome (Glow-pale matte, Kathleenlights-orange bronze, Cornelius-matte brown)
 Covergirl Clumpcrusher waterproof mascara
Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara
Nyx Eyebrow Gel (blonde)

Colourpop Lippe Stix (matte neutral pink)