July 30, 2014

Sleek Pout Paint in Milkshake: Review & Swatches

Last thing from my little sleek haul. Of course I had to get some kind of lip product! This is a "pout paint" similar concept to the OCC lip tars (which I do not own), they are mixable and a liquid lipstick type product. 
I use mine with a lip brush so it applies evenly and opaque.
It is a mid tone pink that is warm toned but doesn't make teeth look yellow. 
In certain lighting it can almost look neon or simply brighter than what I expected when I saw the online image.

Overall, not too sticky. Very pigmented and creamy. Doesn't apply too streaky. Would probably mix easy I just didn't buy any to mix with it. There is a pleasant almost fruity but indescribable scent. Wear time is good but no stain is left behind.

Sleek Blush By 3 in Lace: Review & Swatches

Along with the eyeshadow palettes this blush palette also found its way into my makeup stash after some fellow Instagrammers recommended this one in "Lace". It retails for $15 for 3 blushes. 
Comes in a thin cardboard box, on the back it says the blushes can be worn alone or layered. 
Same sleek matte black packaging. 
The blushes are in the shades "Crochet" "Guipure" and "Chantilly"
and you get a full 20g of product. 
No plastic overlay but you do get a nice full size mirror. 
The colors do look a bit washed out in this picture, they are more intense in real life. 
Top to Bottom:

  • Chantilly: Bright orange with a hint of peach. It is a matte and it does blend well.
  • Guipure: Shimmery almost glittery pink with gold sparkles. I am not a fan of these types of blushes normally or on their own but it would layer nicely.
  • Crochet: Bright poppy also with a hint of peach. Also matte and also blends well. 
Overally, nice little palette. My favorite is the orange since it is brighter than a traditional peach. The shimmer like I said is not my cup of tea but if you like those kinds of blushes you would love it (I will probably use it as an eyeshadow). And the last one gives like a summery natural flushed look to the cheeks. 

Sleek Garden of Eden i-divine Palette: Review & Swatches

Here is the other i-divine I purchased. This one is more green and purple based than the last one. Same pricea and same place from sleek
Outer thin cardboard box with suggestions for looks on the back. 
Sleek matte black packaging with the name on the back. 
Clear plastic overlay with the names, then without overlay. 
Neutral with hint of purple row:

  • Gates of Eden: Shimmer, light copper, average pigmentation, lid color
  • Eve's Kiss: Frost, pink-purple, great pigmentation, lid color
  • Paradise on Earth: Frost, medium/ dark purple, great pigmentation, lid/outer color
  • Python: Shimmer, taupey purple, average-light pigmentation, lid color
  • Forbidden: Matte with glitter, purple gray, sheer pigmentation, lid/blending color
  •  Flora: Matte, warm medium brown, average- great pigmentation, crease/blending

Mostly greens row:

  • Entwined: Matte with glitter, cool brown, sheer pigmentation, blending color
  • Adam's Apple: Matte, light green, sheer pigmentation, blending color
  • Fig: Shimmer, yellow green, average pigmentation, lid color
  • Evergreen: Shimmer, brighter green than in the pan, average pigmentation, lid color 
  • Fauna: Shimmer, blue based green- spruce green, great pigmentation, lid/ outer color
  • Tree of Life: Matte, true deep green, great pigmentation, crease/ blending
Overall, these are great accent colors but harder to create an "everyday" look. You could easily incorporate one color into a neutral look but greens aren't for everyone. Not as many true mattes as the other palette, and no brow bone. I still think the colors are gorgeous just not for everyone. 

Sleek "Oh So Special" i-divine palette: Review & Swatches

Back when sleek (sleekmakeup.com) had a 30% off sale I took the plunge and ordered a few things. Since I am in the US the shipping took 3 weeks untracked, I also hear you can order from Amazon.com. I am going to try to post all of my reviews as soon as possible now that I have had my products for a while and have a feel for them. 
Nothing I ordered came broken, and nothing was smooshed. 
Suggestions of looks to create on the back.
Like the brand name the packaging is very sleek, it is a matte black with a lacquered black insignia. 
On the back it tells you what palette it is because the front is the same for all the sleek palettes. 
These palettes also come with a little plastic sleeve with the names on it. 
Here is a better look at the eyeshadows without the plastic sleeve. 
  • Bow: Matte, white/ cream color, light in pigmentation,  perfect for browbone
  • Organza: Shimmer, Light pink, average pigmentation, lid
  • Ribbon: Matte, pink- looks brighter in the pan, sheer pigmentation, blending color
  • Gift Basket: Shimmer, rosey brown, average-great pigmentation, lid or outer corner
  • Glitz: Shimmer, Charcoal gray, very smooth and great pigmentation, lid color for smokey eye
  • Celebrate: Shimmer, Deep almost black with a purple sheen, lid for smokey eye

  • Pamper: Matte, Pale Pink, lighter than in the pan and sheer, browbone color
  • Gateau (means cake in french): Shimmer, Iridescent pink-purple, average pigmentation, lid color
  • The Mail: Matte, Light Warm Brown, weak pigmentation, blending or transition color
  • Boxed: Matte, Dark Brown, average-great pigmentation but sheers out, crease color
  • Wrapped Up: Matte, Plum, average- great pigmentation (darker than in pan), crease color
  • Noir (black in French): Matte, true black, a bit dry but INTENSE pigmentation
Overall, very impressed with the quality. 
This palette has a great mix of mattes and shimmers, and a range of colors. 

July 27, 2014

L'Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire in "Fuchsia Orchestra": Review & Swatches

I just before this posted a review of a different color in this range. It is a lighter color, and  in the same range two colors can be quite different depending on the shade, that is somewhat the case with this one. 
This is a bright summer but can be worn year round color in "Fuchsia Orchestra".
Same elegant packaging with the color peeking through on the front 
(that might be just painted on not the actual color but close enough). 
Here is the applicator it is a nice mostly flat doe-foot.  The excess gets squeezed off when you open it.
It has a lot more pigmentation and is a lot brighter and more intense. 
And the little dots I think are air bubbles from laying the swatch but it might just be my skin. 
Here is a messy lip swatch. It makes all dryness go away, feels nice, and does slightly stain. If you dab it on and blend it in or wipe away the excess it turns into a lip stain. This shade also doesn't contain glitter and is longer wearing.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire in "Rose Melody" Review & Swatches

This is a liquid lipstick formula with rich color and shine to make the lips smoother. 
The one I am reviewing here is a neutral light pink.
The packaging is super luxe looking but it is lightweight since it is plastic.
This one is in the shade 101 Rose Melody.
It is a very wearable and buildable color with some glitter in it. 
It smells very nice and not like typical L'Oreal perfume scent.

Here it is on the lips. 
My lips are very dry at the moment and even this light color didn't accentuate that. 

  • Does have a good amount of pigment to it, not super intense but it does have a lot of shine
  • The glitter doesn't feel noticeable but be a little careful when it wears away
  • Since it is a lighter color you do need to reapply throughout the day
  • Feels nice on the lips and doesn't accentuate dryness
  • Retails for $9.99 but can be found on B1G1 50% off or 40% off

July 24, 2014

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in Cannes Crush: Review & Swatches

These are still relatively new, but now more widely available. These retail for $9.99 but I bought mine when revlon was 40% off at rite aid/ 
They come in a square tube that shows the color on the lower half and the top twists off.
To know if your is untouched the back will look like this with no breakage. 

I chose the shade "cannes crush" and the line leans toward brighter colors but there are a few lighter ones.
The applicator is a pointed doe-foot which makes for very easy application. 
It can be sheer with one layer but still provide some color...
Or layered and built up very opaque. 
Here is a layered lip swatch, it is bright but still wearable. 
It feels very refreshing and cooling on the lips, with no scent. 
Here is the "stain" left behind. It is not a super intense stain but it is visable.

  • Not the longest wearing stain but it is more comfortable on the lips than others
  • The cooling (not minty) feel is very refreshing making these the perfect summer lip color
  • I do really enjoy this one, even the color, and I wish I bought more during that sale!
  • You need to reapply more often than a traditional stain but less often than a lip gloss
  • They do not feel sticky or tacky, they are like a gel
  • This one is a cream finish, some shades have glitter in them

July 12, 2014

Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner: Review, Demo, Swatch, and Wear Test!

This is a highly requested review on the new benefit cosmetics liner. This is going to be pic heavy- warning. I will share my overall review, alonge with a demo and wear test, and at the end a swatch test.
"3 reasons it's an REAL! innovation
1. It's the first ever lash-hugging gel liner in a pen.
2. The innovative Accuflex (tm) tip makes it beyond easy to get close to your lashline!
3. The waterproof, matte black gel formula doesn't smudge, budge, or dry out!"
claims from benefit sampler paper it came in

"91% said longwearing.
81% said waterproof.
86% said it hugged the lashline.
84% said eyes looked visably larger"

 I do like the cute packaging.
 1. Remove orange "tip protector"
 Twist about 10 times for product to come out (on first use)
also says to wipe away excess liner
Chunky, cumbly, easy to line harder to wing... also slightly irritated my eyes.
 When I tried to remove it on the first day of use. It left chunks all over my eye area, and stayed put. 
 Wear test on the second day. It smudged up onto my eyelids.

Swatch Test:
 Nice thin matte black line.
And once smudged....

  • Not worth it to me, 
  • Dissapointing, maybe I need to test it even more...but lots of others don't love it.
  • Glad I got it as a deluxe free sample (at sephora when I ordered online)
  • It does smudge/smear
  • Longwearing if you don't count smearing
  • Only slightly hugs the lashline, they make no claims about winged liner
  • It does have a matte finish
  • I am going to say that it is not truly waterproof
  • Also not the FIRST liner like this, I have heard that Maybelline makes one that is available in the UK
This is a product that you will either LOVE or HATE. I am on the negative side on this product, but there are some who love it. If you wear contacts I also say avoid this!