May 31, 2014

My Z-Palettes

I ordered these about a week ago through amazon, and they arrived in about two days. They are the Makeup Geek designed ones. The large palette was $18.99, and the small was $14.99. 

The large is in the "Raspberry Damask" and the small is in "leaf" print.

Here they are all filled with eyeshadows. They can be used for eyeshadow or any other panned product. 

Large Palette:
On the left from Top to Bottom:
 Maybelline Pink Wink, 
Maybelline Lux Lilac (might be discontinued), 
Revlon taupe (discontinued),
 and Wet N Wild Kitten (discontinued).

The rest is Wet N Wild:
At the top of the other two rows: 
Wet N wild "walking on eggshells" trio, 
and Wet N wild "knock on wood" tio (discontinued)
Left to Right:
Comfort Zone Palette.
Petal Pusher Palette

Small( Travel) Palette:
Mini Stila Kitten,
Maybelline Golden Halo

The Rest:
All shades from the Smashbox Wondervision Mega palette
(from the Holidays)

P.S. If you search my blog there is a review up of everything in this palette! <3

Empties & Mini Reviews May 2014: Skincare, Makeup, & Hair

My last "empties" post was back in March...So these are not empties from May alone. I have a mix of skincare and makeup and one hair item. 
Heres an overview, mostly face products.
1.) H2O plus 'Marine Toner". I went through two of these and almost finished up another. I only find this at Tj Maxx for $5.99. It feels like water- so gentle.

2.) Clean and Clear morning Burst face wash. I have gone through so many of these, the orange and blue bottle ones are my favorite. It does "wake me up" a bit and refresh my skin.

3.) The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Night Fade Lotion. Its pricey at $18 but I went through two of these. I really loved it but now I am trying something cheaper and mixing tea tree oil in.

4.) Tea Tree Oil. I buy this at my local grocery store for $9. Usually I mix it in lotion (like said above).

5.) The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner. It was nice, but kind of odd. It has an astringent like sand in it and u shook it up. Not repurchasing, I like the H2O + one better.

6.) Biore Ultra Pore Strips. Even if they are ultra- they are worse then the original, they only have an ultra (minty?) smell.

7.) Maybelline Eye makeup remover. Works well, no blurry vision and gets the eye makeup off.

8.) Garnier Anti-Humidity "Smoothing Milk". I really liked this, it made my hair silky. It did not tame flyaways or any staticy frizz.

9.) At the top is a mini Makeup Forever Fix and Fix. I used it as a setting spray for my face, and it left a satin finish. Not matte and not dewy.
10.) Elf Tone Correcting Powder. It was a white powder in different tones but it came off as translucent. It was a standard powder, nothing special.

11.) Revlon Colorstay "Oily/ Combo" formula. It stays all day, Ive been through 2 since March. I switched to the "dry/ normal" one now. It blends better and doesn't oxidise, this lasts longer though.

12.) Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in "light". I did enjoy this, but not ultimate coverage, lasts pretty well. Didn't crease, but it did fade.

13.) L'oreal True Match Concealer. Very light, yellow toned. "Dry" formula so best for covering up blemishes, but it can highlight them.

14.) Neutrogena Skin Clearing Concealer. For covering a blemish I want coverage, this blended away to nothing. It was far too liquidy.
15.) Nivea Kiss of shine. It actually hydrated my lips, and left a juicy glossy shine.

16.) e.l.f Lip Exfoliator. Great for the price, not the best. Now I am using the Lush Lip Scrub and it is Divine. 

May 29, 2014

MAC Prolongwear concealer in NC15: Review & Demo

As mentioned in my MAC haul I purchased this concealer in NC15. It is in the Pro Longwear range, meaning it is pro quality and has great staying power. 

It comes in a little MAC box, plastic packaging, and .3 OZ of product. 
Ingredients ^
It does have a pump.
Here is how concealing it is. 

  • Does last all day (If set with powder)
  • No creasing (or minor if not enough setting powder)
  • Worth the hype
  • Longest wearing concealer I've tried
  • Can pump out too much so a beauty blender/ sponge can absorb excess product and blend in 

May 27, 2014

My first MAC Haul- May 2014: Alluring Aquatic and Pro Long wear

I've been a shopaholic the past month, and MAC was one of the places I ordered from/visited. This is my FIRST MAC haul, my very first items from MAC! Some of these things I've reviewed and the other I have a review on the way!
The lipstick packaging is divine! I couldn't resist this collection. 
The alluring aquatic packaging is aqua blue with water droplets that you can actually feel. 
I also wated to try the much raved about Pro-LongWear concealer. 
Here's an up close picture. Reviews and swatches on the lipsticks are already posted!

May 23, 2014

MAC Enchanted One- Alluring Aquatic- Limited Edition Summer 2014

This is a nude lipstick, and nude lipsticks look different on everyone. It is also a matte, and it was also $17.50
 Again the packaging- the water drops are actually textured
 This is in the shade Enchanted One
 It is a true matte nude shade

Lip swatches:

  • Brown toned nude- somewhat peach
  • Matte but not too drying
  • Does make lips look dry
  • Not great nude for pale skin
  • MAC vanilla scent
  • STUNNING packaging

Mac Mystical Lipstick- Alluring Aquatic Collection-Limited Edition Summer 2014

As soon as I saw rumors coming out about this- I was impatient. It is finally out in stores so run and buy this now! it was I believe $17.50?
 The packaing <3
 This is the shade Mystical
 It is a cremesheen finish

Light swatch then a layered swatch- two different lighting areas.

On the lips
  • Long lasting wore over 8 hours only fading but left behind a stain
  • Neutral color 
  • Could be worn on any skin tone
  • Can be darker the more you build it up
  • re-applies evenly
  • Classic MAC vanilla scent
  • A probably dupe-able color- but the packaging is stunning

May 19, 2014

Tarte Exosed Blush: Swatch & Review

You know how some things just don't have any appeal no matter how much the hype? This was one of those for me, everyone said I needed this, but i did't know why. It is on the more expensive side at $26. But wait for an ulta or sephora coupon! 
Love the tarte design, this one is so pretty.
Shade in "exposed"
Lovely dusty rose
Hand swatch- heavy swatch not sheered out

  • Can be worn sheer on pale skin or built up on darker skin
  • Neutral shade that looks natural 
  • Not  a shade I would normally pick up, but it it one of my favorites now
  • Doesn't break my sensitive skin out
  • Matte but not "flat", it almost contours the cheeks
  • Worth the hype 

May 18, 2014

Rimmel Eastend Snob Lip Liner: Review & Swatches

This is my first lip liner- and wow! Why had I never used one before?
I always thought lip liner was pointless, but it really helps with staying power! This is the much talked about Rimmel London Eastend Snob Lip liner. I got mine for $5 at walgreens.
It is one of their retractable pencils meaning you would never have to sharpen it. It is a slightly pinker shade on the tube then the actual lip liner. But my lips match the outside plastic.
It leaves a matte finish that could even be left like this.

  • Does increase wear time dramatically
  • Doesn't alter lipstick color that you put on top as much- unless you use a sheer lipstick
  • Doesn't dry lips out
  • Beautiful wearable color

May 15, 2014

Sephora Birthday Gift 2014

It's my birthday month! If you belong to sephora's membership program- Beauty Insider (It's free and totally worth it) then you get a free gift during your B-Day month. 
This year it features Makeup Forever coming in a cute little box!

It comes with two little mini's! A mini Makeup Forever Lipstick in N9 
and a mini Smoky Extravagant Mascara. 
The lipstick has hardly any product but it is very adorable! 
It seems to be very brown toned but it is actually quite lovely. 

The mascara has a semi-unique wand. I didn't take pictures of me wearing this because it is only average. No mega volume or anything. however it did NOT flake or smudge (I tested it for days in a row).

Lipstick Swatches:
  • It is nothing to go to sephora just to get, but it is a nice add on 
  • They are adorable but nothing I would pay high end prices for

May 12, 2014

Revlon Pink Lemonade Lip Butter : Review & Swatches

I have had this for quite a while now but I've just never gotten around to reviewing it. 
The packaging is super cute!
It's a neutral pink in a standard square tube.
This is in the shade Pink Lemonade.
It has an almost glossy finish.
*on exfoliated lips* If not exfoliated it looks TERRIBLE!
  • Light color
  • MUST exfoliate first
  • Not long wearing
  • Creamy feel
  • Sheer color
  • Lipstick- Lip balm Hybrid

May 11, 2014

Sunwashed Sky Maybelline Color Tattoo Bleached Neons- Summer 2014: Swatch & Review

I tried to walk past the new Bleached Neons collection from maybelline but they had color tattoos and I needed them. Today is my review on Sunwashed Sky. It was around $6 at my local Walgreens.
Here is a sneek peek at the color.
It is limited edition so if you like it, go and get it ASAP!
It has the classic color tattoo packaging.
It doesn't look that exciting through the glass, but it is!
Here is another look, so much prettier then through the glass.
The swatch appears quite silver but it has a lavender duo chrome. 

  • Long lasting
  • Wearable color
  • Great if missed out on last years color that was somewhat similar