December 30, 2013

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul

One of the beauty items I got for Christmas was this lovely matte lip cream. I know these are around the 5-6 dollar mark and can be found in places like ulta, and some targets.
The packaging is very sleek and the tube is the color of the lip cream and the cap is matte like the finish.
I got the shade Istanbul which is on a stick on the bottom of the tube.
It untwists to reveal a doe-foot applicator holding the right amount of product.
Here is a hand swatch. It seems like a bubble gummy rosey shade. It's light but not pale. I think it would be flattering on all skin tones.
It is similar to my natural lip color and very lovely. It has a velvety feel to the lips and even with my very dry lips at the moment it is not accentuating that too much. it's feels nice and not too drying. If you eat it doesn't stain and will completely dissapear. 

December 19, 2013

Smashbox Wondervision Mega Palette

Hello everyone! If you follow me on my blog instagram ( @ budgetmakeupbeauty ) you would know I have fallen in love with this palette. I bought mine back on cyber monday and received it in the mail yesterday. It took long to ship but it was worth it. WARNING: this is a picture heavy post

 Outside packaging, it is very pretty and metallic. Retails for $49. Sold at ulta and the smashbox website. Is being sold for $39 now. The back is pure silver metallic and had a reflective glare every time I tried to take a picture. It said the products contents and ingredients.

 Just like the label before it is triangle metallic with mirror like coloring. It does get fingerprints very easily. The width is about the width of my finger. So  not a super thin palette but not massive. Also after the first few times opening and closing the magnets seemed to have trouble closing.
 Here is the inside. It has a very large mirror, which makes it slightly heavy. There are 30 eyeshadows, 3 blushes, a bronzer, and how-to cards.
 The how to cards are: Drop shadow, wondervision color, Soft cat eye, and smoldering eye. They have a 1, 2, 3 ,4 across the top which can be placed above any four shades to create the desired look.
 I fell that to do my makeup it is best placed sideways so that it can stay-up by itself.
 Here's another look, this time without the color names. The darker black is from trying to wipe off the fallout from one of the shades that came chipped.

SWATCHES: All without primer and one swipe (or noted), from left to right
 ROW 1:
Beige- Matte cream, exactly my skin tone
Almond- very light matte brown
Golden- A golden shimmery shade, a little on the bronze side. Definitely not antique gold
Chestnut- A matte light brown similar to almond, but not as pigmented
Fawn- True matte taupe but on the lighter not super pigmented side
Chocolate- Deep matte brown, average on pigmentation but lighter than in the pan
ROW 2: My favorite row
Taupe- Not very taupe in my opinion. Has glitter but otherwise matte. Very light shade, and I'm not sure how you would wear this one.
Peach- Shimmery almost frosty beige shade, can be used as inner corner hilight or perhaps all over the lid. Not in my opinion a peachy shade.
Citrine- Almost duochrome shiny peachy pink. Reminds me of Urban Decay sin but more peachy.
Orange- Very orangey shade but with a more golden/ red undertone. Not a true orange, but still an appropriate name.
Red- A rust/ coppery red. Surprisingly wear able. I wore it today and didn't get any weird looks, only compliments.
Umber- A true duo-chrome. Shines slightly green in one light, then more of a brown in another. Reminds me of a chameleon.
ROW 3:
Maize- A light yellowy matte shade. Best used as highlight on the brow bone. 
Mint- A light minty green. I'm not sure how to wear this shade but it seems lovely.
Turquoise- A green-blue shimmery shade.
Green- A very blue toned-green. Not as pigmented as some other shimmery shades.
Blue- A silvery kind of slate blue.
Dark Blue- A matte black base with dark blue glitter specks. 

ROW 4:
Pearl- Frosty, perfect pearly shade for inner corner highlighting.
Pink- A matte baby pink base with gold glitter specks.
Lavender- Matte pinky-lavender. The most pigmented matte shade.
Violet- A light but still true violet.
Purple- A deep purple but has to be built up, which can be nice for creating dark looks
Black- A true matte black. Had to be built up, but I like that in really deep shades.

ROW 5 (Last Row):
Silver- Very metallic, pigmented. True true silver.
Grey- Kind of a frost. Not frosty, not matte, and not shimmery.
Slate- Very pigmented taupey-slate shade,
Brown- Pigmented matte dark brown, with copper glitter specks.
Pewter- A true pewter, pigmented and metallic.
Glitz- More pigmented then the black shade. Matte with silver glitter specks.

Baby Pink- Very light but can add a natural pale flush, matte
Sherbet- Slightly coral mixed with berry shade, matte, use a light hand
Glow- Intensely shimmery light pink. Tap off brush before sweeping onto cheeks so not to end up with sparkles everywhere
Bronze- A matte bronzer. Slightly orangey, and very pigmented. Blends out naturally.


The left is Sonia Kashuk Eyes On Neutrals palette, and the right is this palette. The Smashbox is slightly more pigmented but the texture and colors( These shades at least) are very much the same.
Left is Wet n' Wild silver in Don't steal my thunder trio. Right is the silver shade in this palette.
Left is elf twinkle pink, right is smashbox glow.Smashbox is more shimmery and has less glitter chunks.
NYC Sunny Bronzer on the left, Smashbox Bronze on right. Smashbox is a lot more pigmented, a little chalkier feeling.

  • Overally shimmery shades are better than the mattes
  • Large variety of shades- Neutrals, greens, blues, purples, and silvers.
  • Variety of finishes- Mattes, shimmers, satins, frosts
  • All the cheek products are lovely and pigmented
  • not very much fallout with these shades

December 16, 2013

Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polishes-3 shades

Hey everyone, as you saw in my haul I putchased Three of the new revlon nail enamels. They are a scented line that retails for $5.99 each and I've also seen them in sets of two for $10. I got the shades autumn spice, Wild Violets, and Bordeaux.
They come in cute little square jars with round caps. The font and labeling is also very cute.

Here are the colors from the side so you can see the colors. The top is wild violets, then autumn spice, then Bordeaux.

Even if the cap is weird the brush is just standard not the the "manicure" type polishes just the standard thin brush tip.
One thing to note is that the smell doesn't show up until the polish dries, when you open the bottle it smells like regular nail polish.


I ended up painting mine in the autumn spice shade, I'm not sure if it complements my skin tone or not. But I really like the color. 

Here is a fake nail swatch to represent one coat. It is mostly opaque but there is some streaking.
At two coats it is fully opaque, I layered mine three times and it showed no difference. The shade didn't intensify.


I'm sorry for the photo quality my real camera's battery is dead at the moment so it's iphone quality.
 This is one coat of wild violets, fairly sheer and streaky.

At two it is opaque and non streaky, the top bit looks like it but that was beach use there was too much on the brush. 

At three coats it looks nearly black. Fully opaque and like the color in the bottle.

The first coat is creamy and opaque, but a very cherry red not like the bottle.

My second coat applied too much, but when evened out it was still kinda light. Not an oxblood color but still nice for fall and winter.

•Scents are very light 
•Autumn spice is very nice and lightly spicy but still sweet
•Wild Violets is very very weak in scent but slightly floral
•Bordeaux smells the strongest-very like wine( I personally can't stand the smell)
• Semi sheer on first layer then opaque I by second
• Fast drying on first layer. As layers increase takes longer to dry
•very glossy
•It is almost winter so these shades might not be the best but I still like them
• There is a very good shade range from creams to brights. There are cream and shimmer formulas. 
•Smell doesn't immediately disappear
•Wears as well as most other nail polish formulas 

December 14, 2013

Mini Haul

Hey guys! It's the holiday season full of shopping and presents. I've mostly been buying things for others but some times I accidentay pick up a few things for myself. 

A few weeks ago I went to walmart but I only bought a few things so I didn't share, but I'll show you know. 

I got some mini walmart candles! they were only a dollar and they had a great range of fall and winter as well as classic scents.

I ran out of my revlon colorstay foundation so I thought I'd try the covergirl outlast( I'm in ivory, about $7). I also decided to get a lippie, this is rimmel Kate moss lasting finish in 17(neutral rosey shade, $4). And another color tattoo this one is bold gold, $6.

Then today I stopped at Walgreens to buy some more Jordana products, and I found something new and exciting!
These are the Jordana goodies. Another twist and shine balm stain(cranberry crush, $2.99)  I wanted the red one but it was sold out. Also two more shadow sticks(eternal white and prolong purple,$3.99ea).

TA DA! I found the new revlon perfumerie nail polishes!!! I needed these as soon as I heard they were out. Especially since they had some lovely fall shades( $5.99 ea). I bought wild violets, Bordeaux, and autumn spice. I am going to paint my nails tonight hopefully, or if not tomorrow. 

I also went to the mall last weekend with one of my friends. 

I found this adorable sweater in macys on sale for $20( originally $45) and this skirt is from PAC sun ($20)

I also hit bath and body works! This was where the most damage got done....but I had a $10 off so it was kind ok.

I bought 6 fragrance  sprays ($14) mine were buy 3 get 3 free. 

And 5 for $5 mini hand sanitizers! 

And two more things from Ross.
I bought a new phone cord($4,hope it's the right one) and also scrub like one I had that's perfect for the face($4)
Ok guys that's my haul. I also ordered 2 things online from ulta, and it's been processing for a while so hopefully it will ship soon.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Sorry for not posting much lately!

December 7, 2013

Jordana 12 Hour Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencil in Continuous Almond

For the last month or so I have been testing out this product. And the reviews look positive! It's about $4 at places where Jordana cosmetics are sold. I bought mine at Walgreens.
The packaging is well thought out. You can see the actual color and the finish is matte like the color.
These are the claims. Pigmented, matte, long-lasting, and waterproof.
Here is a swatch on my hand, it appears very yellowy.
Over my eyelid you can hardly see it. But it does leave a semi sticky matte finish and it does cover up some veining.
Here is a gold eyeshadow over the pencil(on the top) and the shadow alone(on the bottom).

  • pigmented
  • long lasting (works great as base)
  • nice and matte finish
  • not sure about waterproof
  • makes shades stand out
  • can make eye area look dry if skin is slightly dry
  • are other shades that I want to try