November 17, 2013

Where to Shop: Holiday guide PART ONE

Hey Guys, Its that time of the year again where everyone goes crazy trying to find the perfect gifts. Today I will share some tips, websites, and stores that might help save some cash during this season of madness.

Probably everyone has heard of black friday(November 29) and cyber monday(december 2). It's still a few weeks before then but places have already started with sales and deals.

online only:

Hautelook- Flash sales with holiday ideas, fashion, beauty, home, kids, etc. Sales are only for a few days, but events often come back again. At least in my area. the shipping does take a long time. So if you want to order from here, buy soon

ebates- A place to get cash back from many many stores with extra cash back starting now. But it's not actually a store.

QVC, is a tv channel that has great deals that can also be accessed online. They have all kinds of products like gift sets and home decor at reasonable to expensive prices.


sephora, ulta. and other stores often have special online only deals...and with makeup you don't necessarily have to try anything on. But if you have one in your area it might be nice to go in store to try testers, and see actual product sizes.

Wallgreens, I am kinda in love with this store right now.  They have a variety of things like different makeup, holiday things, and sales.

Places like target and walmart have a large variety of items not just beauty. They often try to have low prices so that is great.One thing about target is that their red card is actually not a good holiday saver, since they advertise for it a lot you might think so, but don't be fooled. They charge you about 20% interest( if you don't pay by the end of the month).

Body /skincare:

Michael Todd (I think it's only online) perfect for a skincare junkie or for yourself( one has to know).

Lush is international, has cute little shops. Not too too pricy but at the same time it is a little luxurious. The perfect place to buy your friends a little treat!

Bath And Body Works is online, but I would recommend going to the store since it is a scent shop where you should probably smell something before you buy it. They always have a sale and coupons so google before you go out to  shop to get the best deal.

The Body Shop is more skincare vs perfumes. I think its a store you can get away with buying online. They have gift sets and sales as well.

 Are a kinda risky present but I would suggest gift cards from Forever21 (currently has holiday offers- if looking for actual clothes) since at least where I live everyone loves that store. OR if you know someones favorite just get them one from there.

 Can be found in almost anywhere, again I recommend Hautelook since you can buy luxe gifts at affordable prices. Or just go to any local store and browse and see what you think the person your shopping for would like.

November 14, 2013

Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara

When this product first came out I expected it to be amazing!  I bought the waterproof version and it smeared and smudged all over my eyes, on the lid and all under my eyes. It didn't give me very much volume or anything. I don't even have it anymore because I hated it so much.

November 10, 2013

Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain in Sweet Pink

By now you can probably tell that I love my lip products, especially stains and jumbo pencils. A few weeks ago I went to my first Walgreens, where they carry Jordana products. I heard these are just as good as the Revlon just bitten kissable balm stains, but I only bought one to put to the test. These are very affordable, only about $3! thats less than half the price of the Revlon version. I do not own the Revlon ones, so this is just a review on the Jordana.
The packaging is very simple, shiny, and it is a twist up like the name applies.
As you can see the color looks like the outside of the tube.
I have the second shade, 02 sweet pink.
Here is the color on my lips, it is a lot brighter than in the tube, more of a fuschia. And it does stain, hence the top at my cupids bow that would not come off.
Here is a very light swatch above a layered swatch.
 Here are the swatches after makeup remover, as you can see both hold up very well.
Here is a quick kiss to show the amount of transfer, all that comes off is the glossy-ness.

  • Very bright color, that can be toned down by patting onto lips
  • last all day without reapply-I might just in case because it can leave a lip-liner like stain after ~8hrs
  • not too drying (but I wouldn't wear this every day just in case)
  • Great shade selection that I plan on buying more from!

November 7, 2013

NYC smooth skin bronzer- Sunny

Today's review is on the infamous NYC sunny bronzer. it's available in most drugstores for around $3. 
The packaging is a shiny coppery color with silver wording. It's very light weight and portable.
On the back it tells you more about it.
The inside has a large mirror, a sponge(very very thin) and a plastic layer before you get to the bronzer.
Here is what the color looks like on my finger, it appears pigmented a lovely medium brown color.
Swatched it is very orangey and not nearly as pigmented, but very silky.
On my face it comes off as an orange streak...
 •very silky smooth
•better as bronzer vs contour
•blendable but orangy 
•looks better over foundation
•not very natural looking

Reccomend? Not sure if I would if you hav pale skin if you are more beige or dark then maybe.

Elf mineral eyeshadow review and swatches of two shades

It's time to sparkle and shine! Today I'm reviewing the elf mineral eyeshadows in two colors. These are $3 each sold on the elf website and in select stores.
The shades I own are Elegant and Golden. The bottom is clear where you can see the color and the name.
The top just says "elf eyeshadow", I bought mine in a kit so I don't know if this is the regular packaging.
There are only a few large hole so the product does tend to come out quickly so make sure to open carefully and slowly. And just use the product in the lid .
Here are some swatches, golden on the left, elegant on the right.

  • Very pigmented
  • very shimmery not sparkly(no chunks of glitter)
  • Elegant is the perfect "top coat" or added shimmer, or as a lovely inner corner highlight
  • Golden is a very very shimmery gold, best as lid color of on top of shadow
  • fallout
  • wide range of colors(including matte shades) in full line

November 4, 2013

My Halloween spirit nails

Black nail polish is a wonderful staple in any nail polish collection. 

For Halloween I decided to add two coats of Pure Ice Black Out topped with opi matte top coat( NYC makes a matte top coat as well) and wet n wild Night prowl on accent( cream black nail polish with purple shimmer). 

Of course you could take this a step further and add decals or designs. I just don't have the time plus this look will be nice looking even after Halloween.

November 2, 2013

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Khol Kajal Review+Swatches

Today I have an exciting review on some waterproof eyeliners from Rimmel. These are around $4 in my area and they come in shades from nudes to purples to browns.
 I currently own three shades navy, taupe, and nude.
Swatches from top to bottom on navy, taupe (may look like glitter but there is none), and nude(very orangey in real life)
Here is swatches after rubbing with water. The navy smeared a bit but thats because it was applied last and less thickly.
Here is my eye normally, no eyeliner.
Here is my eye with the nude eyeliner, it makes my eyes look bigger and more awake.
  • The taupe is my least favorite (Bought it on accident for nude)
  • Navy is my favorite it makes eyes look very very white and awake and clear
  • All creamy shades with no shimmer or glitter
  • apply smoothly
  • lasts a long time but not quite 8 hours
  • it is waterproof(stays on waterline too)